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Puncture Resistant Insoles by Steel-Flex®

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are an exciting new product offering both superior comfort and puncture resistance with a fully encapsulated, flexible Steel-Flex® steel midsole.

Available online, and at your local retail store or industrial safety distributor.

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are extremely light and comfortable, weighing only slightly more than a regular non-puncture resistant insole, and can be worn continuously in your footwear or only occasionally as the need for extra protection is required. They can be used in many types of regular non-safety footwear in place of any existing insole that has been provided with the footwear.

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles have many suggested applications for use, including but not limited to, occasional use opportunities in factories and workplaces where safety policy dictates that penetration resistant footwear protection must be worn by employees and visitors. Examples of specific applications where footwear penetration protection is highly recommended are;

  • in the tire recycling industry,
  • renovation and construction industries,
  • metalworking,
  • medical first responders,
  • sanitation and landfill sites,
  • hunting and fishing,
  • any time there is a risk of contact with a sharp object.

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are a perfect accessory in the household toolbox and can be used as necessary by the homeowner for those indoor and outdoor jobs where puncture hazards can occur at any time. Sharp nails or screws, shards of glass, syringes, needles, wood splinters, rusted steel scraps etc. are all real life examples of hazards that cause injuries every day at home and at workplaces.

Fitting of the Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant insole is simple and easy to complete at the time of purchase by simply determining the appropriate size of insole from the full size range below:

Steel-Flex Part #
M’s US Shoe Size
W’s US Shoe Size
Europe Shoe Size
UK Shoe Size

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are manufactured out of a 4.00 mm thick durable EVA material which is compression molded with a supportive heel cup area providing all-day comfort while completely encapsulating the Steel-Flex® steel midsole plate.

The footbed surface of the Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are lined with a soft odor controlled fabric providing added comfort and moisture absorption while controlling bacterial growth and odors.

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are routinely tested during production for penetration resistance to meet and exceed all penetration requirements of ASTM 2413-11, CSA Z195-09 and EN 12568:2010. Other benefits include:

  • Designed to fit into most types of work boots and shoes
  • Consists of heel cup, longitudinal arch support for improved foot stability
  • Transform low-cost boots and shoes into comfortable, puncture resistant footwear for a fraction of the cost associated with high-end work boots
  • Comfortable all day wear
  • Increased shock absorption
  • Helps align the skeletal structure to reduce foot, leg and lower back fatigue
  • Made with CSA Certified Steel-Flex® Steel midsoles
  • Exceeds minimum force resistance of 270 lbs. as specified in ASTM F2413-11
  • Protects from sharp objects such as shards of glass, metal and nails

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are manufactured using Steel-Flex® Steel Protective Midsoles, that can also be found in the most demanding safety footwear brands in America including Timberland, Red Wing, Wolverine, Caterpillar, Weinbrenner, Kodiak, Dakota, and Baffin.

Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are manufactured using CLEANSPORT NXT.  CLEANSPORT NXT is an organic odor control that is effective plus family and planet friendly. To find out more about CLEANSPORT NXT, please click on the link below:

Cleansport NXT

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