MetGUARDZ™ Metatarsal and Lace Protectors deflect and disperse the impact of falling loads. They are the perfect economical solution for visitors, temporary workers, clerical, sales people or when there’s requirement for metatarsal protection. These protectors are recommended for worker in the construction field and shipyards as well as mining, forestry, manufacturing, handling and transportation industries, welding, etc.

The MetGUARDZ™ is used with the user’s existing safety footwear. It can easily be attached onto the footwear using the provided straps.

    • Sold in pairs and suitable for most footwear without laces
    • Resistant to slag, acid, alkalis, fuel oil, and high and low temperatures
    • Protection from sparks and dirt, prolonging the life of your laces and boots
    • Meets or exceeds both CSA and ASTM Metatarsal Impact performance criteria
    • Includes elastic strapping mechanism for use with non-laced safety footwear