Swenco Limited continues its' innovative approach

Swenco Limited continues its innovative approach to safety footwear with release of the unique Steel-Flex™ Steel toe overshoe.

Swenco Limited, North America’s largest manufacturer of OEM safety footwear components, has once again filled the gap in innovative safety footwear with the release of the Steel-Flex™ Steel Toe Overshoe. Not simply a makeover of the traditional safety toe, Steel-Flex™ takes overshoes one step further in comfort, safety and appearance, addressing the concerns that have plagued this footwear for some time.

Competitive versions of steel toed overshoes have been produced using PVC and rubber. Steel-Flex™ meets the next wave of design with a fully waterproof, crack resistant, oil/acid/chemical resistant TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) material that is the perfect combination of stretch, slip resistance, and durability.

Regularly tested during production, they exceed all requirements of CSA Standard Z195-09: Grade 1 Toe Protection (exceeds 125 joules, comparable to a 50 lb. weight dropped from two feet). The unique and effective new tread design provides exceptional slip resistance on typical workplace walking surfaces.

It’s not enough to be safe. Steel Toe Overshoes need to be easy to use and, let’s face it, be somewhat stylish while doing so. Unfortunately, the safety overshoe market has been overrun with products that have been adapted from existing steel toe caps and overshoes. Steel-Flex™ offers an overshoe specifically designed from the toe out, to be used over all kinds of footwear and all sizes. The design is ambidextrous, making it easy to pull a pair out of a mixed box instead of searching for a right and left. Seven graduated, color-coded sizes helps them fit over shoes in a snap. Plus, they look good!

With the Steel-Flex™ Steel Toe Overshoe, applications for use are as wide as your imagination can take you. Factory environments where a full safety shoe isn’t required - of course! But with their ease of use, this is the steel toe overshoe that the weekend warrior will pull on while mowing the lawn, the farmer will tuck into a closet by the barn, the architect will hand to the home owner during a safety inspection, or the manufacturing facility would keep in stock for investor tours.

Swenco is also the manufacturer of the ground-breaking Steel-Flex™ Puncture Resistant Insole.

For more than 50 years, Swenco Limited has been North America’s largest manufacturer and most trusted supplier of engineered safety components used in most recognized brands of safety footwear, including Honeywell, Kodiak, Timberland, Dakota, Terra, STC, Red Wing, Baffin, and many others.